Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sweepstakes: 9-12 Months Puppy Dogs

WED Judge - Ms. Lesli Smith

1. (47)    QHF'S Reminiscing. SS03428201. 06-09-2017. Breeders, Maxine
D. Moinier & Mary P. Ingerson & Maureen K. Farley. By GCH CH SharpMtn V
Bulkley Whats In Your Wallet? JH & GCH CH Quest's At Last Of Farrook
JH.  Maxine Moinier & Mary Ingerson & Maureen Farley.

2. (21)    Khrispat's Acadian Maritime Traveler. SR99278004. 05-13-2017.
Breeders, Khris Smith-Bonner & Mary & Al Baque. By GCH CH West Star
Acadian Run For The Money JH & GCH CH Khrispat V Country Creek's Emerald
City Gem JH.  Angela M. Burham & Brianne Major & Khris Smith-Bonner.

3. (19)    VJK MYST Garbonita Ring Of Fire. SS00794802. 07-15-2017.
Breeders, V. Nunes-Atkinson & Y. Deterding & A. Weiss & A. Manning. By
CH Edelmarke Second Coming JH & CH VJK MYST Garbonita's Epic Journey
SH.  Danielle Nelson & Joe A. Tucker.

4. (37)    Quiver Verd. SR99544002. 05-04-2017. Breeders, Kelly Verd. By
GCH CH Coldwater's Just Grin And Bare It & CH Paisley Verd.  Kelly J.
Verd & Sawyer Kassel.